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Attract more customers to your website

If you have a website you need to make it easy for people to find it, all you have to do is:

  •  Make your website the best it can be
  • Promote your website in as many ways as you can to your target customers
  • Get to know more about your website visitors and what they want, and
  • Test some new ways of getting more ‘traffic’ to see if they work for your business

 That sounds easy, but sometimes you might need some help.


The good news about online marketing is that:

  •  It’s cheap compared to other types of marketing
  • It will get you new customers, and help you keep the ones you’ve already got
  • The size of your business doesn’t matter
  • It doesn’t have to be hard


We guarantee that you will definitely get more enquiries, more customers and more sales – and this is how we can help you do it:

  • Get more information (content) on your website – include keywords in the right places, but also provide interesting and engaging copy, articles, blogs, guides, questions and answers, help, advice, guidance
  •  Make it easy for visitors to your website to find and get what they’re looking for
  •  Get more links to your website from other sites – it’s a web, and the more links from other good sites to your site brings you more visitors
  •  Get listed in the top online directories including Google Local – people use directories, and they often rank highly in search results – you need to be in them
  • Make your website appeal to people searching for local products and services – if you mainly sell locally, say so
  •  Set up an e-newsletter campaign – keep in touch with your existing customers by email and encourage new ones – easy and cheap to run
  •  Online advertising – pay-per-click ads needn’t cost a fortune, it can get you lots of website visitors, and it’s good research, but much better if you target local searches.


Whoa steady! That’s a big list up there, but there are even more ways we can help you to promote your website, we just don’t want to overload you with it.

Bottom line – here it comes – if you have any kind of website, you have to promote it by doing some online marketing, otherwise you could be the only visitor.

Call us on 02380 849688, or email enquiries@rocketinternet.co.uk  for a free assessment of what we think you could do to give your business an online boost.

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"Web marketing with Rocket Internet: it's not rocket science, it's Rocket sense."